What We Do

     Canasta Club is designed to create a fun environment for those who enjoy the card game Canasta. The club both teaches the game and hosts activities during the semester including but not limited to: Canasta tournaments, other board/card games, tennis, spontaneous trips to various places, and more. - Club Constitution

     Looking for a club to just take the stress out of your daily life? Tired of relying on work to distract you from your worries? Look no further! Grin

     At Canasta Club, we provide a fun and chill environment to just hang out with fun people and play the card game Canasta! Play in teams or go at it alone! Pick partners to team with and enter the semesterly tournament!


     Don't know how to play? That's fine! We'll teach you! None of us started out knowing how to play either. Even if you have no idea or never heard of the game before, feel free to drop by and one of our instructors will teach you one-on-one individually or in a group.


     Cards and playing space are available each Friday at 7pm.

     All you have to do is bring your friends and come. Unlike some other clubs, there is no membership fee.

     In addition, we host a tournament each semester to spice things up, complete with brackets and prizes. We also offer an online ladder system for those who want to play more competitively. Awards are given at the end of the semester for the highest ranked players as well as a chance to forever be listed as a "Distinguished" player in our club history!


     You don't have to play only at our meetings to be part of the club. Even outside our normal meeting times, you can continue playing with friends or teach the game to complete strangers! Our ladder system allows you to submit games played anywhere at any time against other members. Our online forum (see Where Can You Play) allows you to connect with others looking to get a game going, either online or in person.


     When the club first started, we primarily played Canasta and occasionally ate at Chipotle. Little by little, we also started incorporating various other activities and events, enough so that some members have joked about our club "doing everything."

     While most of these activities are often unplanned or spontaneous, we've begun taking an effort to listing and creating mailing lists for them on our EVERYTHING page so more members can be involved (by first being aware of them).

     Our activities have ranged from randomly heading out to a show or movie, playing Bomberman with 10 people, traveling up to the Botanical Gardens in the rain, getting lost on the way to Six Flags, eating the best ice cream in the WORLD SF, playing tennis every Friday, celebrating birthdays, watching fireworks, debating about life, ...

     Feel free to join an activity or suggest your own on our EVERYTHING page!