Inside the Cabinet

Canasta Club Officers

     Officers form the backbone of the club and are vital to the club's success. Terms of officers continue as long as they commit to the work required. More than one person may occupy each role if needed; each person can take a specific part of the role and need not do every task. All officers are also Field Coordinators, in that they are expected to also volunteer for day-to-day operations when possible. - Club Constitution

     The cabinet here may vary drastically from those of traditional clubs. Positions are delegated on the basis of merit and work. Multiple members can hold the same role, as long as they actually do something; each can take up a specific part of the job and need not do all the tasks alone.

     If you are interested in helping with the club, feel free to send us an email through our Contact Page describing what you would like to do. We have various positions listed below, or you can suggest something else entirely and we'll consider it. Smiley

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Current Officers

  • President: Job Open.
  • VP of Operations: Job Open.
  • VP of Activities: Job Open.
  • VP of Marketing: Job Open.
  • Historian: Job Open.
  • Field Coordinator: Job Open.

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Official Roles of Cabinet

     Below are the official cabinet roles as they appear in the Club Constitution. Positions are seperated between management and production.

  • President: The president manages the club and overall structure of its activities. The role also includes aiding other officers where/when needed and filling unassigned officer positions. The president is also the primary signatory.
  • VP of Operations: The VP of Operations plans the specifics of each meeting and event throughout the semester, such as coming up with the agenda for that day, ensuring the availability of officers to run each event, and making sure a room is available. Each date should be posted to the site calendar and then updated with the attendance accordingly. He or she does not necessarily have to attend every event but just make sure someone else does. The VP of Operations works closely with the VP of Activities when planning out events like the tournament.
  • VP of Activities: The VP of Activities plans out special events that will occur throughout the semester. The primary focus will be on running at least one tournament each semester, but the VP is more than welcome to create other activities as well (such as socials). On the side, the VP of Activities will also review submitted games for the ladder and approve them accordingly. The VP of Activities will work closely with the VP of Operations when deciding the specifics of how each event will run and with the VP of Marketing for publicizing.
  • VP of Marketing: The VP of Marketing organizes tabling/flyering, ensures the production of marketing materials, and keeps the website updated with news of the latest events. The VP need not actually table or design materials but is responsible for making sure these tasks get done; the VP will have to take up the task if no one else is available.
  • Historian: The Historian takes pictures and/or videos of activities throughout the semester and transfers them to the president. If unavailable, the Historian must make sure someone else can cover for that day.
  • Field Coordinator: The Field Coordinators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club, such as running meetings, teaching members to play, and tabling or flyering. All officers are also Field Coordinators; Field Coordinators just need not worry about other responsibilities like planning or delegating.