The DeCal

     In Fall 2011, the Canasta Club will be hosting its first ever and only first ever forever ever only ever Canasta DeCal course for the first time ever!

     The official first day of class will be Friday Sept.9 (though we'll be meeting plenty of times as a club before then).  The syllabus is available here.  Much of the course will be similar and run alongside to what we already teach in the club, albeit a little more formalized.

Course Details
DeCal Page:
1 Unit | Pass/Fail

Course on
Lower Division: CCN 16625
Upper Division: CCN 16628

Join the class by signing up on TeleBears today!

Here are the math slides:
Section 1 (equally likely outcomes, divide and conquer)
Section 2 (independence and dependence)
Section 3 (taking the complement, birthday paradox)
Section 4 (Bayes' Theorem)
Section 5 (definition of a 2 player game, best replies, strict domination)
Section 6 (Nash Equilibrium, Vampire vs. Hunter)

Here are the math problem sets:
Problem Set 1 (the one about tennis)
Problem Set 2 (the one about shiny Parasects)
Problem Set 3 (the one about Karrion and Seeker)
Problem Set 4 (the one about the scene from A Beautiful Mind)
Problem Set Infinity (the one that automatically guarantees you a passing grade)