Where Can You Play?

     So now that you've gotten the basics of the game, just where can you play it? Obviously you can always come to our meetings every Friday at 7pm, as well as other club events (see Calendar).  Membership is entirely free and you are always welcome to bring friends.

Besides that, two other options are to:
    -  Borrow a double-deck from us and play outside the club.
    -  Play on Yahoo Games Canasta.
    -  Request a Game with other club members via the Forums and arrange a time either in person or online (update your profiles everyone so we know your Yahoo Games ID!).

     When playing other members in the club whether online or in person, feel free to submit the results to our Ladder Games system.  The submission process is automatic and allows people to comment on previous games.  There is absolutely no pressure to compete against one another, but it is always fun to see how you're doing and to look back on how you used to do.  We also offer prizes at the end of the semester for those ranked highest or played the most games etc.  Who knows? Maybe we'll throw in prizes for largest winning streak as well. Grin

     Obviously, it's much more fun to play in person and against people you know (or will eventually know), but playing online can also help you get accustomed to the rules more quickly (and find games more quickly).  The version played in the club (Classic Canasta) is identical to the one found on Yahoo, so you are always welcome to arrange games on there with members too.  There is also no shuffling or card sorting involved. Tongue


  1. kim said,
    Aug-06-2013, 11:20am

    do you know how i can find a canasta club/teacher in pittsburgh, pennsylvania?  thanks!!

  2. Donna said,
    Dec-09-2017, 04:17pm

    ILove to play canasta

  3. Donna said,
    Dec-09-2017, 04:20pm

    I would love to join a canasta club  to play with other players

  4. Donna said,
    Dec-09-2017, 04:22pm

    wanting to join a club / league

  5. Linda said,
    Jan-24-2019, 09:05am

    I live in Ocala,Fl. been tryin to find a Club here that plays Canasta> I am  a senior who still works forty hrs a wk. looking to play on wkends. is there a Club in Ocala.Fl 34482 area?

  6. Gaming Safari said,
    Oct-09-2019, 02:04am

    Hi Everyone,

    Hopefully it is ok that I can post this here. We are a small community that provides a few online multiplayer games for free. We have recently just released a new 2 and 4 player version of the game. If you are looking for a social, tournament or league room, we are more than happy to set you up with a customized room for your members. Come on over and visit us at gamingsafari.com and have a look around.

    Gaming Safari.

  7. Freyda Fellows said,
    Dec-29-2019, 11:08am

    Looking to play canasta Monday afternoon and Wednesdays I live in Pembroke Pines but would drive Thank you Freyda

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