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Author Topic: So I Herd You Like Meldz - 9/24  (Read 2509 times)
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« on: September 19, 2010, 11:39:43 PM »

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delayed post! But yes, we do have a meeting this Friday, September 24th! Everyone is probably starting to get more work/projects/essays/midterms, but what can be more perfect than relieving stress and having fun while playing Canasta?

September is coming to a close, which means the Tournament is coming up in about a month! To get everyone used to playing competitively, this Friday is going to be dedicated to playing a mini tournament in two people teams!

Of course, the first half hour will be dedicated to challenges, especially since Joy Chen has yet to be unseated from her number 1 position! Shinsaku Uesugi comes in a close second, so maybe there'll be a showdown? Showdown or no showdown, I'm sure everyone will be competitive (or I still will be, anyway), and fight for a higher spot on the Ladder. Remember, being one of the top ranking players will win you a nice reward at the end of the semester, so keep playing hard!

See you guys this Friday!


Edit: Hi guys! I know some of you are pretty sad about not getting the 10 extra points for bringing a friend, but guess what? The Pointastic Deal doesn't end! For the rest of the semester, every new member you bring will get you (and them) 10 extra points! Smiley Doesn't that sound lovely? So start calling people up because 10 points comes in handy!
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