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Author Topic: A Pointastic Friday and Improved Ladder!  (Read 1566 times)
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« on: September 13, 2010, 10:23:39 AM »

Hi everyone!

     As mentioned briefly last meeting, we'll be giving out free ladder points for those who bring a friend outside the club to Canasta this Friday's "pointastic" event (as Perlin calls it).  Like always, our meeting will be Friday 7-9pm in 215 Dwinelle and anyone is free to join.

Quick summary from Perlin herself:
     This meeting, and ONLY this meeting, you can earn up to 50 extra points!!! How? Well, all you have to do is bring a friend outside of Canasta Club, and you get free points! For every friend you bring, you can get an additional 10 points, with the limit of possible extra points at 50 (You can bring more than 5 friends, though! The more the merrier ). And to make it fair to the new members, they also get the extra 10 points.

     As you can tell, we noticed everyone's frustration with being lower on the ladder than people who rarely play or show up to the meetings.  With that in mind, we have redone the point algorithm behind the ladder itself.  As you might notice, Carol has finally sunken to 3rd place (though still much higher than most of us) while Joy has risen to first.  There are also a lot more familiar names up in the top 10 while the less recognizable ones are down towards the bottom.  What happened?

     The ladder now gives an extra 5 points for every game that is played, regardless of win or loss.  This means people who play more often will eventually rise higher than people who don't.  If you keep playing very good players but still lose, you might get a few points to account for the assumption you should be learning if you lose to someone way better.  Of course, if you just keep losing to everybody though, you'll still sink down to the bottom of the ladder.

     As usual, remember that you do not have to play all your games at the meeting.  You can always arrange to play members at your own time and submit the games online (see Where You Can Play); there is no shuffling or sorting cards if you play on Yahoo Games.  We also have the November 5 and 12 team tournament coming soon, so start considering partners to enter with if you haven't already.

     See you this Friday!

     On a more subtle note, we will be needing help with tabling for and running the upcoming tournaments.  If you are even considering being an officer to help out, let us know through our Contact Page or look at Inside the Cabinet to see what you can do.
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