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« on: August 27, 2010, 10:17:59 PM »

Just wanted to thank everyone for a great first meeting for the semester (and basically the club).  You guys all caught on incredibly quick (told you it was an easy game Tongue ), and Kevin even taught his group how to count points. Grin

Overall, we played an amazing 12 games tonight; I went ahead and added them all to the ladder.  Cheesy  It's a little choppy right now with people all over the place (and Carol an incredible 44 points above 2nd place), but it'll even out as we play more.  Don't forget you guys are more than welcome to play at your own time either with an actual double-deck or online at Yahoo Games (see Where Can You Play).

As a summary of what's coming up, we'll also be expecting a tournament running through November 5 and 12 at the usual meeting time and place.  The tournament will played in teams, so start looking for people to potentially team up with. Smiley (and definitely do what you can to keep those two Fridays open)

Some of you have also gotten pretty good at the game very quickly.  As a club, we could always use more officers to help teach, so definitely let us know if you that might be something you're interested in (see Inside the Cabinet).  Unlike other clubs, we're virtually non-selective and only ask that you do your part.

I don't expect everyone to attend every Friday as the whole point of the club is to just have a place to relax and have fun (not force attendance), but I do hope to see you guys again.  We can definitely start expecting more people next week as well since the first week is always quite hectic and short notice.

Hope to see you guys again soon! Grin
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