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Question: Is the poll part of this post necesary?
Path connectedness implies connectedness, but not conversely in general.
The dihedral group D_{2n} is a non-Abelian group generated by {r,s}, with commutativity relation rs=sr^{-1}

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Author Topic: Feb.20 Hike to the Big C  (Read 5225 times)
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« on: February 16, 2012, 07:50:11 PM »

On Feb. 20, we will hike up to the Big C.  So that we do not leave you behind, please let us know if you are coming along by signing up on the website.

(drawn to scale)

What to bring:

The plan (or the lack thereof):
11am-11:15am = Meet at 2525 Durant.
11:15am-12pm = Hike up east to the Big C.
12PM-12:30PM, yay for 1 hour. The view is really nice. Take pictures.
12:30PM-2PM, trace back the steps outlined below to get back to North Gate
2PM, (optional), get food at North Asian ghetto.

Step 1: Start at North Gate, the intersection of Hearst and Euclid

Step 2: Walk East along Hearst

Step 3: Keep walking along Hearst. The street turns into Cyclotron.

Step 4: Walk along Cyclotron and you soon see this sign. It should appear near a parking lot.

BTW, I find it pretty funny that this guy's face is censored on Google Maps:

Step 5: Keep walking a bit more and the fence on the right hand side of the road disappears. Investigate this site of disappearance.

Step 5, enhanced: Now you see the trail. Follow it.

The above discussion shows that North Gate and Big C are path connected, in theory. A practical verification of this fact is left to the reader on February 20.

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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 04:20:06 PM »

A slight change of plans.  We'll be meeting up at 11am in front of 2525 Durant instead of 10am at North Gate, since Kevin isn't coming along anyway.  I'll show you guys a better route to get up there. Tongue
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