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Question: Is the poll part of this post necesary?
Path connectedness implies connectedness, but not conversely in general.
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Author Topic: Hike to the Big C  (Read 10450 times)
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« on: February 03, 2012, 04:48:56 PM »

After some research, I have figured out how one might reach the Big C.

Step 1: Start at North Gate, the intersection of Hearst and Euclid

Step 2: Walk East along Hearst

Step 3: Keep walking along Hearst. The street turns into Cyclotron.

Step 4: Walk along Cyclotron and you soon see this sign. It should appear near a parking lot.

BTW, I find it pretty funny that this guy's face is censored on Google Maps:

Step 5: Keep walking a bit more and the fence on the right hand side of the road disappears. Investigate this site of disappearance.

Step 5, enhanced: Now you see the trail. Follow it.

The above discussion shows that North Gate and Big C are path connected, in theory. A practical verification of this fact is left to the reader. Probably this weekend.

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