Wise and Balderdash

The funniest quotes made in the game of "Wise and Otherwise" and phrases made in "Balderdash".  Make your quote/definition/movie/law as real as possible, but somehow that rarely happens.  Videos of games can be found here.
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February 3rd, 2012 9:28:54 pm

pftq says...
Movie: Alvin Purple
A teenager discovers his true identity in the 80's.
Rogue chipmunk instigates grape flavored nuclear war.
Marina: The prequel to Harold and the Purple Crayon in which a boy named Alvin is transformed into a crayon.

Word: Sternutation
An injury to the sternum caused by overextension.
A chestplate chess player worn by tribal leaders.
Shin: How girls get pregnant.

Acronym: I.B.T.A.
Ted: International Bottle Throwing Association.
Shin: International Blind Teaching Association.
Geoff: Initiative to Bother Terrorist Associations.
William: International Bomb Testing Association.
Kevin: International Banana Traders' Association

The Memory of a Killer
Joy: 80's serial killer writes about the people he's killed from his prison cell.
Dan: A detective with amnesia tries to solve the mystery of the man he murdered.
Jocy: Mystery-solving teens find a diary in an abandoned house and revive the town's memory of 8 murders from the 60's.
Marina: After the death of his wife, a bus driver has flashbacks which cause him to lose control of his bus.
Shin: A killer talks about how he has slain his enemies in the jungle.

Movie: 13 Hours by Air
William: Passengers aboard the Blue Eye face 13 hours of terror as each one falls out one by one.
Dan: A story of the love and loss of an 80's pilot.
Geoff: The tragic story of a leaf falling from the top of a building on a day with a lot of updrafts.
Joy: A litter of puppies travel across the country in a hot air balloon.

Acronym: I.O.O.F.
William: Independent Office of Obesity Flamingoes.
Joy: Input-Output Operational Formulas.
Dan: International Office Of Freaks/Irate Ostriches On Fire.
Shin: Interactive Oriented Orgasm Foundation.

Movie: Hard-Boiled Canary
Shin: A canary who is transformed into a chicken tries to find a way to get back to its original form.
Kevin: Canary finds itself in extreme heat wave.

Person: Monty Woolley
Ted: A British general who defeated 20,000 enemies with only 100 soldiers.
William: 80's actor who entered the industry starring as Romero Johnson.
Geoff: The founder of British Suicide Cult.

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January 27th, 2012 10:34:18 pm

pftq says...
Geof: There's an old... oh man

September 5th, 2011 12:03:00 am

Haotian: The kick of the quiet horse woke up the deaf man who got kicked even though he didn't hear anything.
Haotian: Scornful dogs eat dark chocolate babies.
Geoff: (Iraqi proverb) He lingers like the US forces looking for weapons of mass destruction.

September 4th, 2011 11:55:57 pm

Geoffrey: Coffee has the power to kill.
Haotian: The camel laughed till he deficated on the farmer milking him.  The farmer got no milk.
Lawrence: The camel laughed until he had a heart attack which caused Lord Voldemort to come back to life.
Shin: Barley and beans make up Haotian.
Geoffrey: (Indian proverb) A book is a good friend which reveals sex positions.

September 4th, 2011 11:51:45 pm

Jerry: The drummer has not had a good day.
Marina: The drummer beats his drum, his wife, and his children.
Laurence: One grape and John Steinbeck will cause billions of students in high schools across the US to commit suicide.
Jerry: (Irish proverb) Everybody understands his own potato.
(Irish proverb) Everybody understand his own alcohol tolerance.

September 4th, 2011 11:42:57 pm

pftq says...
Haotian: May your nose be horribly deformed around your eyes.
Shin: There is no hill without a baby body under it.
Shin: He who eats the jackle's flesh Nomnomnomnomnomnom
Will: A kiss without a beard like a hill without a baby under it.