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« on: August 27, 2010, 11:30:27 PM »

Hi everyone!

As with the first one, we'll have our second meeting also on Friday 7-9pm in Dwinelle.  Those who know how to play can come in and grab cards to immediately get started.  For newcomers, we'll start off with details on how to play Canasta as usual.  As always, cards will be provided for everyone to play. Smiley

We'll also try to spice things up a bit by maybe running a miniature tournament or Around-the-World for the best Canasta team.  Maybe we'll throw in a miniature prize as well - who knows? Tongue

See you there!


So tomorrow's the big day! The meeting is still on, and this is just a quick update on what'll be happening tomorrow Smiley.

The first few minutes will just be a quick introduction of our club with what's going on (mainly just playing Canasta), and maybe talking a little about the tournament, just to get the date out there.

Next we'll probably open up the floor to any challenges anyone wants to make, and to get some ideas on who to challenge, Carol Yu is currently at the top of the ladder, with a whopping 1685 points! Next up is Kevin He (1641). Challenges can be both partner and individual, and they'll play at separate tables.

For the rest of the group, we should have five new (or beginning) players to one coordinator, but depending on how many coordinators we have (4 confirmed) and players showing up, it can be more or less. After a quick game or two of Canasta to learn to game and get into it, we'll probably start the mini-tourney. Depending on how many people show up, it'll either be singles or partners. More information tomorrow, seeing as how it's hard to explain this over a post =P. Hope to see everyone tomorrow! I have a feeling it'll be super fun Smiley

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« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2010, 10:00:53 PM »

The "king-of-the-hill" mini tournament was a great idea, definitely made the night worthwhile (though we should be more insistent on the ending time or at least provide snacks/drinks to keep everyone energized).

For those curious, here were the results of the teams we set up:

- Kimberley and Kevin: 1 win
- Marina and Simon: 1 win
- Perlin and Whitney: 1 win
- Joy and Frank: 3 wins
- Jed and Petar: 2 wins
- Wenyu and Haotian (replaced last game by William): 1 win

The rounds played were:
Round 1:
- Jed and Petar vs. Wenyu and Haotian
- Perlin and Whitney vs. Joy and Frank
- Kimberley and Kevin vs. Marina and Simon

Round 2:
- Wenyu and Haotian vs. Kimberley and Kevin
- Perlin and Whitney vs. Jed and Petar
- Joy and Frank vs. Marina and Simon

Round 3:
- Wenyu and William vs. Marina and Simon
- Perlin and Whitney vs. Kimberley and Kevin
- Joy and Frank vs. Jed and Petar

Congrats to Joy and Frank for winning all 3 games in a row and to Frank for winning all 4 of his games so far! Smiley
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