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271  The Meld / Club Events / Oct.10 Tournament Flyering on: October 07, 2010, 03:42:10 PM
We'll be meeting this coming Sunday to go across campus flyering together.  It'll mainly be officers meeting up, but members are welcome to help out as well. Grin

Time and Place: Sunday 12pm at 2525 Durant Ave (next to Asian Ghetto)

Sign up if you're coming, so I know.

272  The Meld / Club Events / Oct.11 Financial Meeting on: October 05, 2010, 01:27:43 PM
Earlier this semester, the club applied for ASUC funding via a Senate Bill (as we started the club in the Fall instead of Spring).  The Financial Committee from ASUC will be basing their decision for how much funding we receive on who shows up from the club to their meeting.

Time and Place: Monday Oct.11 at 9PM in Eshleman, 1st Floor (next to MLK).

If you can show up, please do.  You won't actually have to do anything besides just being there, so if you have any homework, just bring it along to work on.
273  The Meld / Club Events / Oct.1 Watch "Inception" on: October 02, 2010, 12:01:38 AM
Random decision to go watch Inception after Friday's meeting. Tongue

UA Berkeley 7

Movie Tickets ($10.50 ea)

1. Chenyu Zhao - unpaid
2. Haotian Wang - paid
3. Kevin He - unpaid
4. Marina Handwerk - unpaid
5. Perlin Lim - paid
6. Shinsaku Uesugi - paid
7. Ted Sanders - paid
8. William Mok - paid
274  The Meld / News and Announcements / A Pointastic Friday and Improved Ladder! on: September 13, 2010, 09:23:39 AM
Hi everyone!

     As mentioned briefly last meeting, we'll be giving out free ladder points for those who bring a friend outside the club to Canasta this Friday's "pointastic" event (as Perlin calls it).  Like always, our meeting will be Friday 7-9pm in 215 Dwinelle and anyone is free to join.

Quick summary from Perlin herself:
     This meeting, and ONLY this meeting, you can earn up to 50 extra points!!! How? Well, all you have to do is bring a friend outside of Canasta Club, and you get free points! For every friend you bring, you can get an additional 10 points, with the limit of possible extra points at 50 (You can bring more than 5 friends, though! The more the merrier ). And to make it fair to the new members, they also get the extra 10 points.

     As you can tell, we noticed everyone's frustration with being lower on the ladder than people who rarely play or show up to the meetings.  With that in mind, we have redone the point algorithm behind the ladder itself.  As you might notice, Carol has finally sunken to 3rd place (though still much higher than most of us) while Joy has risen to first.  There are also a lot more familiar names up in the top 10 while the less recognizable ones are down towards the bottom.  What happened?

     The ladder now gives an extra 5 points for every game that is played, regardless of win or loss.  This means people who play more often will eventually rise higher than people who don't.  If you keep playing very good players but still lose, you might get a few points to account for the assumption you should be learning if you lose to someone way better.  Of course, if you just keep losing to everybody though, you'll still sink down to the bottom of the ladder.

     As usual, remember that you do not have to play all your games at the meeting.  You can always arrange to play members at your own time and submit the games online (see Where You Can Play); there is no shuffling or sorting cards if you play on Yahoo Games.  We also have the November 5 and 12 team tournament coming soon, so start considering partners to enter with if you haven't already.

     See you this Friday!

     On a more subtle note, we will be needing help with tabling for and running the upcoming tournaments.  If you are even considering being an officer to help out, let us know through our Contact Page or look at Inside the Cabinet to see what you can do.
275  The Meld / News and Announcements / Second General Meeting Results on: September 03, 2010, 09:03:42 PM
Despite the labor day weekend looming just past this Friday, the turnout was actually just as good as last week.  Thanks everyone for coming! Grin

For those curious, the results of the mini tournament we set up can be seen in the Sept.3 Event Page.  Congrats to Joy and Frank for winning all 3 games in a row and to Frank for winning all 4 of his games so far! Smiley You can also view the individual rounds in the Ladder Games and comment as you see fit.

The Ladder itself, on the other hand, definitely got shuffled up quite a bit.  We still have Carol in #1 (someone should challenge her at the next meeting Tongue ) with Frank now in #2, followed by Joy and David.  Remember that you do not have to play all your games at the meeting.  You can always arrange to play members at your own time and submit the games online (see Where You Can Play).

As a reminder the November 5 and 12 tournament dates coming up.  Start looking for partners you'll want to team up with to enter the competition.  As the dates approach, we'll announce more details and logistics.

As usual, feel free to bring people from outside the club.  There is no membership process; anyone can become a member and participate in our activities.  Our next meeting will again be Friday 7-9pm in 215 Dwinelle (Sept.10).  While I don't expect everyone to attend every meeting, it is always nice to see returning faces.  You can also sign up for the event to let us (and other members) know if you're coming, but it is entirely optional.

Hope to see you there! Grin

On a side note, we are also open to anyone who wants to help with the club by becoming an officer, either to teach during the meetings or just help with tabling during the week.  If you are even considering it, just send us an email on our Contact Page or read more on Inside the Cabinet.
276  The Meld / Club Events / Re: Sept.3 General Meeting on: September 03, 2010, 09:00:53 PM
The "king-of-the-hill" mini tournament was a great idea, definitely made the night worthwhile (though we should be more insistent on the ending time or at least provide snacks/drinks to keep everyone energized).

For those curious, here were the results of the teams we set up:

- Kimberley and Kevin: 1 win
- Marina and Simon: 1 win
- Perlin and Whitney: 1 win
- Joy and Frank: 3 wins
- Jed and Petar: 2 wins
- Wenyu and Haotian (replaced last game by William): 1 win

The rounds played were:
Round 1:
- Jed and Petar vs. Wenyu and Haotian
- Perlin and Whitney vs. Joy and Frank
- Kimberley and Kevin vs. Marina and Simon

Round 2:
- Wenyu and Haotian vs. Kimberley and Kevin
- Perlin and Whitney vs. Jed and Petar
- Joy and Frank vs. Marina and Simon

Round 3:
- Wenyu and William vs. Marina and Simon
- Perlin and Whitney vs. Kimberley and Kevin
- Joy and Frank vs. Jed and Petar

Congrats to Joy and Frank for winning all 3 games in a row and to Frank for winning all 4 of his games so far! Smiley
277  The Meld / Club Events / Sept.10 General Meeting on: September 03, 2010, 08:51:04 PM
Hi everyone!

As with all the others, we'll have our third meeting on Friday 7-9pm in 215 Dwinelle.  Those who know how to play can come in and grab cards to immediately get started.  For newcomers, we'll start off with details on how to play Canasta as usual.  As always, cards will be provided for everyone to play. Smiley

Based on the success of the doubles mini "king-of-the-hill" tournament on the previous Friday, we will be trying something similar again this meeting, perhaps making the winning partners duke it out with each other for the top place.  Who knows? Come by and find out! Grin
278  The Meld / Club Events / Sept.3 General Meeting on: August 27, 2010, 10:30:27 PM
Hi everyone!

As with the first one, we'll have our second meeting also on Friday 7-9pm in Dwinelle.  Those who know how to play can come in and grab cards to immediately get started.  For newcomers, we'll start off with details on how to play Canasta as usual.  As always, cards will be provided for everyone to play. Smiley

We'll also try to spice things up a bit by maybe running a miniature tournament or Around-the-World for the best Canasta team.  Maybe we'll throw in a miniature prize as well - who knows? Tongue

See you there!


So tomorrow's the big day! The meeting is still on, and this is just a quick update on what'll be happening tomorrow Smiley.

The first few minutes will just be a quick introduction of our club with what's going on (mainly just playing Canasta), and maybe talking a little about the tournament, just to get the date out there.

Next we'll probably open up the floor to any challenges anyone wants to make, and to get some ideas on who to challenge, Carol Yu is currently at the top of the ladder, with a whopping 1685 points! Next up is Kevin He (1641). Challenges can be both partner and individual, and they'll play at separate tables.

For the rest of the group, we should have five new (or beginning) players to one coordinator, but depending on how many coordinators we have (4 confirmed) and players showing up, it can be more or less. After a quick game or two of Canasta to learn to game and get into it, we'll probably start the mini-tourney. Depending on how many people show up, it'll either be singles or partners. More information tomorrow, seeing as how it's hard to explain this over a post =P. Hope to see everyone tomorrow! I have a feeling it'll be super fun Smiley

279  The Meld / News and Announcements / Great First Meeting! on: August 27, 2010, 10:17:59 PM
Just wanted to thank everyone for a great first meeting for the semester (and basically the club).  You guys all caught on incredibly quick (told you it was an easy game Tongue ), and Kevin even taught his group how to count points. Grin

Overall, we played an amazing 12 games tonight; I went ahead and added them all to the ladder.  Cheesy  It's a little choppy right now with people all over the place (and Carol an incredible 44 points above 2nd place), but it'll even out as we play more.  Don't forget you guys are more than welcome to play at your own time either with an actual double-deck or online at Yahoo Games (see Where Can You Play).

As a summary of what's coming up, we'll also be expecting a tournament running through November 5 and 12 at the usual meeting time and place.  The tournament will played in teams, so start looking for people to potentially team up with. Smiley (and definitely do what you can to keep those two Fridays open)

Some of you have also gotten pretty good at the game very quickly.  As a club, we could always use more officers to help teach, so definitely let us know if you that might be something you're interested in (see Inside the Cabinet).  Unlike other clubs, we're virtually non-selective and only ask that you do your part.

I don't expect everyone to attend every Friday as the whole point of the club is to just have a place to relax and have fun (not force attendance), but I do hope to see you guys again.  We can definitely start expecting more people next week as well since the first week is always quite hectic and short notice.

Hope to see you guys again soon! Grin
280  The Meld / News and Announcements / Re: Aug.27 First General Meeting on: August 27, 2010, 08:51:55 AM
Officers who signed up to help today (if you are currently getting this email), please come to my apartment 6:45 to help carry stuff to Dwinelle.

Also we'll be having dinner at 6pm Chipottle if anyone wants to come. Tongue
281  The Meld / Club Events / Re: Aug.26 Calapalooza on: August 26, 2010, 05:46:25 AM
Can anyone cover Justine's slot from 6:30-7:30?
282  The Meld / Club Events / Re: Aug.26 Calapalooza on: August 25, 2010, 08:54:38 PM
Hey guys, I've updated the main post with the final Calapalooza details. 

Joy is currently storing the materials at her place in Unit 3 and will setup with Yurika tomorrow.  From there, it should be pretty simple; just keep 1-2 people at the table at all times and hand out flyers/cards.

Please make sure you know your shift and can make the time.  If there are any changes, please reply back immediately.

Otherwise I hope to see you guys at Calapalooza tomorrow! Grin
283  The Meld / Club Events / Aug.25 Catch-Up Planning on: August 24, 2010, 09:06:29 PM
This will be a meeting for officers who missed the initial one on Sunday.  We'll be reviewing Calapalooza and tabling plans, as well as figuring roles and duties for the remaining officers.

I am only expecting people who couldn't make it to Sunday, but if you came on Sunday and want to come by this as well, you're more than welcome. Grin
284  The Meld / News and Announcements / Aug.27 First General Meeting on: August 24, 2010, 08:26:23 AM
Hi everyone!

So we finally have our first general meeting set for this Friday August 27.  We'll start off with details on how to play Canasta as well as information on the upcoming teams tournament we have planned.  Cards will be provided for everyone to play. Smiley

As with all future meetings, our time and place will be:
Friday 7-9p in 215 Dwinelle

Feel free to bring friends, family, dogs.... whatever works! Grin

See you there!
285  The Meld / Club Events / Re: Aug.22 Planning and Discussion on: August 21, 2010, 09:55:45 PM
Ok, Crossroads at 6pm sounds good.
We'll be meeting at my apartment (2525 Durant, next to Asian Ghetto).  Just wait outside the building if you aren't joining us for dinner 1hr before as well. Smiley
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