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Title: The Other Best Ice Cream
Post by: mylittlelucas on July 07, 2011, 01:12:47 PM
Hello, hello, everyone! I hope summer is going swell for you guys, and in lieu of our huge ice cream adventure success last Friday (Friday, Friday), we will be having another one tomorrow, July 8th! This time we won't be heading far from Berkeley, because also on the list of Best Ice Cream places is none other than Fenton's! :D


The Plan (or lack thereof):
5PM - TENNIS!!! :D Hearst courts
7PM - Transit, Dinner, and ice cream at Fenton's!

The transit:
7:22PM - Get on the 12, stop is on Allston Way, street right before BART
8:00PM - Arrive and omnomnom! :D
~9:00PM - Walk to Telegraph Ave. and get on the 1 back to Berkeley

Yay! I hope this isn't too last minute, and see everyone tomorrow!