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Title: The Red 3 Strategy
Post by: mylittlelucas on February 07, 2011, 03:50:54 PM
Most of you have probably heard of the infamous red three strategy, so I decided to dedicate a title to it :D. And it rhymes!

Midterms are coming up soon, so that makes Canasta Fridays even more fun! Take a break from studying because this Friday (today, February 11th) will be random game night! We'll still be playing Canasta, of course, but hopefully we'll also get in a few other games, too! Munchkin, anyone? ;)

So if you have any board/card games sitting around, now's the time to bring them! And as always, bring binders if you can. With that being said, our meeting room could be moved to some random room in Dwinelle (yay Dwinelle!), so if you happen to come late, we'll probably leave a note on the door of 136 Barrows.

See everyone soon!