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Title: First Games on Jul.30
Post by: pftq on July 30, 2010, 11:48:35 PM
Hey all, just wanted to thank you guys for coming tonight.  I've updated the Ladder Games ( with the matches we played so far.  Yes they counted. :P

More or less I just want to test the system before we get the club off the ground this fall.  You guys are entirely welcome to play against other members on your own and submit them online.  As you can see, right now David is highest on the ladder - we'll see how long that lasts though... him and his fishing. :D

I will try to organize something next Friday ( as well around the same time.  More details will be posted later in the week, but we will be just hanging out again as well as trying to plan a few more details out on the club.

I realize entirely that you guys receive a lot of emails daily, so I will try not to send emails unless absolutely necessary.  I can only ask that you check the site at least once a week.  Important stuff will usually be here on the announcements page so you could just give it a quick glance. :D