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Title: Aug.6 General Meeting, 8:15pm Unit 2
Post by: pftq on July 30, 2010, 10:47:10 PM
We will be meeting up again Friday August 6.  It will be about the same time, approximately 8:15pm at Davidson Unit 2.  We will also be meeting for dinner at 7pm as well as tennis on channing at 6pm, but those are entirely optional.  If you are interested in the dinner, let me know and I'll call you as we'll be deciding on the spot after tennis.

As for the meeting, we'll be playing as usual with one or two new people and I will try to teach you guys a few more aspects of the game, since you guys caught on so quickly.  Also should set aside some time to figure out who wants to do what in the club (as in officers) and discuss other plans (tabling, teaching, and running a tournament for fall?), but we'll cover those briefly since not everyone is able to make this meeting.