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Title: Canasta Club Begins!
Post by: pftq on July 18, 2010, 06:34:30 PM
Well okay, it began about a week ago when I reminded a lot of you to finally sign up as signatories for the club. :P HOWEVER, there hasn't been much update towards the actual setup of the organization itself.

Anyways, I finally sat down today and decided to at least get the site up and running.  A lot of the pages here are ported from older club websites I've made, so there is some conversion to do.  You may notice some broken links and whatnot, but there should be nothing hazardous.

I think the theme fits quite nicely for the game so far.  I'm hoping someone might volunteer to help work on the graphics - maybe make it a little more cheerful and basket-related.

Feel free to make an account so we can get some official discussion going.  I have the same code running here as on my main site, so any posts put in the forum can be forwarded out and replied to (like googlegroups).

See you guys around! :D