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    For the longest time, there was probably little-to-no evidence that we ever did anything other than play Canasta.  Our pictures were few.  Our event descriptions say to meet somewhere, but we often only stayed a couple hours before spending another 5 hours elsewhere (Crossroads).  We randomly take off and members who happen to be out for a few minutes get left behind (Shin).  Some members don't even make it out of their apartments before we're already on our way back to Berkeley (Perlin).

     But what have we actually done so far? Our activities have ranged from randomly heading out to a show or movie, playing Bomberman with 10 people, traveling up to the Botanical Gardens in the rain, getting lost on the way to Six Flags, eating the best ice cream in the WORLD SF, playing tennis every Friday, celebrating birthdays, watching fireworks, debating about life, ... I bet at least less than most of you will probably not have realized one or more of these activities that we have done ever occured. Tongue

     (and probably will be able to understand the meaning of the last sentence but not be able to recite it)

    So now, to compensate and make sure everyone that wants to know knows what's going on, we now have the new EVERYTHING section on the website! After one hour, I've managed to put together somewhat of a wiki/blog/mailinglist hybrid with various activities to participate in.  Just check up regularly on an activity if you're interested or use the Subscribe feature to receive/reply to emails instead.

     If you're interested in tennis, head over right over to the Tennis section; we play every Friday.  If you want to know what movies we might be watching soon (though we rarely know ourselves), head right over to our Movie Nights section.  If you're dying to know the meaning of life, go Ask Haotian.  If you have ideas for other discussions or activities, you can also suggest a new section and we'll set it up.

    This is just a taste of what's to come.  More sections will be added soon.  Perlin, for example, is planning a book club section (but she's in Malaysia so that might be "eventually" rather than "soon").

     Hope you guys will find it useful.  As always, suggestions and feedback are welcome. Grin
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